Sunday, December 6, 2009

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2009 Fall Animation Festival and a special Thank you to all of the students that entered their work!

There was a wonderful spread of storytelling and animation talent this year from a range of different mediums. Awesome!

Cannot wait to behold the short films that we challenge ourselves to create in the upcoming festival.

See you then!..... and very likely in the labs in between.

P.s. Nik Ranieri presented a wonderful talk that, even without the festival of shorts, was an inspiring experience.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

General Information:

A Short Film Showcase and Competition

DEADLINE for all Short Films: Sunday, November 15th 2009, lab closing time.

Short Film ~ 3D Animation
Short Film ~ 2D Animation
Short Film ~ Experimental / Stop Motion
Short Film ~ Visual Effects

File Format Requirements:
Aspect Ratio: 720 x 480 (DVCam - NTSC Pixel Aspect .9)
QuickTime codec: DV/DVCPro-NTSC, set quality to "best"
Sound - 48 kHz, 16 bit stereo or mono

Notice: These settings can appear as low quality when played back on your computer screen. They are actually high quality movies for playback on a TV monitor or projector.

Submit projects in the appropriate category folder at 540 Powell, 180 New Montgomery, or 601 Brannan.

If there are any questions, please call (415)-994-0768 or

Submission Rules:

1. No exercises or tests please. Submit short films only. The North American definition of a short film tends to focus much more on character whereas the European and Australasian forms tend to depend much more on visual drama and plot twists.

2. Students may submit to only one category per project.

3. An entry form must be completed for each category and submission.

4. Students must use the file format specified. QuickTime: DV-NTSC Codec. If you use another format it may be disqualified.

5. Each entry must be a single project, not several strung together. Demo Reels or animation tests, will not be accepted as program submissions. Each submission must contain one concept, topic or story.

6. You must submit the appropriate entry form in print to:
a. the 2D Animation Lab at 540 Powell in Room 240
b. with Jeanette at 180 New Montgomery in Room 301
c. the Lab Techs at 601 Brannan in Room 205 or Stop Motion Lab

7. Project files must be submitted in the following manner: Short film submissions must be placed in the appropriate category on the respective location network with the following naming convention: (name_student

8. Rights and Clearences: Students must obtain rights to music, sound effects and models before their projects will be considered for festivals, broadcasts or exhibitions. Failure to do this will not disqualify students from the Fall Animation Festival, but may prohibit the showing of these pieces outside of this context. The Academy of Art University reserves the right to use students’ work for internal demonstration, promotion and presentation and will hold the rights to all work collected after the event. No implied agreements or limitations will be accepted upon submission. Students also maintain the rights to display and use their work without limitation. Students indemnify the Academy of Art University for content used beyond fair use. Your submission of the entry form and entry materials signifies your understanding of these rights.

Judging Requirements and Disclaimers:

• A hard copy of the completed Entry Form document is required for each submission

• Submissions must be made as QuickTime files using DV NTSC codec

• You must place you QuickTime file in the folder of the category you are submitting on the network at either 540 Powell, 180 New Montgomery, or 601 Brannan

• All late entries are disqualified. No exceptions. The Origin determines the time of submission. All late submissions will be determined by the time cataloged on the network.

• The Department reserves the right to edit the length or content of your material.

• The Department reserves the right to re-assign the category of a submission to another more appropriate category. The Department also may combine categories at any time without the permission of the contestants.

Location Drop-Offs:

There are three drop-off locations: 540 Powell, 180 New Montgomery, or 601 Brannan.

At the 540 Powell location:
submit projects in the appropriate category folder in the network storage drive:
Please drop off the Student Entry form or refer any questions to the wonderful Lab Techs in Room 240.

At the 3rd floor, 180 New Montgomery location:
submit projects in the appropriate category folder in the network drive: Videodropoff/Fall Animation Festival Dropoff
Please drop off the Student Entry form with the wonderful Jeanette in Room 301 and for more technical questions please contact Lab Techs at the back of the ILM lab.

At the 601 Brannan location:

Submit projects in the appropriate category folder on the Homework Drop-Off computer.
Please drop off the Student Entry form or refer questions to the fantastic Lab Techs or Lab Manager, Alessandro Squitti, in Room 205 or Stop Motion Lab.